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We aim to bring you regular updates about how the Coronavirus may affect your activities and how we can support you during this difficult time.

This page will bring you the latest update from Harry Hermon, changes Irish Sailing are implementing to help you through this crisis and a wide range of useful links that could help you personally, your club, centre, class, family or business.

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Latest Update on COVID-19 and Irish Sailing

The LATEST UPDATES on Coronavirus and Irish Sailing

From Harry Hermon, CEO, Irish Sailing

Update 4th May

Following discussion with Clubs and Activity Centres earlier today, our revised plan to resume training activities for adults from 10th May, and competition from 7th June is published.

We are grateful for the efforts Irish Sailing stakeholders have made to keep sailing a low risk and Covid free sport, and hope that we will see a return to a more active sailing calendar in the weeks to come.

In the meantime,


Harry Hermon

Irish Sailing Plan for Living with COVID-19 4 May 2021


Training Updates during COVID-19

@27 April 2021


In order to manage the ongoing impact of restrictions and allow for an optimum level of safe training activity to take place as restrictions are eased Irish Sailing will be putting the following arrangements in place to ensure the availability of Instructors, Advanced Instructors and Senior Instructors.

Postponed / Cancelled Instructor Courses

Irish Sailing will maintain a record of all currently scheduled instructor courses. Once there is greater clarity around a timescale for the resumption of activity Irish Sailing will work with the respective Instructor Trainer groups and course organisers to re-schedule courses as efficiently as possible. Priority will be given to previously scheduled courses which were postponed along with Advanced Sailing Instructor and Senior Instructor courses.

Instructor CPD / Revalidation

As it has not been possible to schedule CPD / Revalidation days ahead of the main sailing season Instructors due to revalidate their qualification during 2021 can apply for an extension to the validity of their current qualification to allow them to instruct this summer.

Instructors who have previously held qualifications at any level which have lapsed prior to 2020 will be able to apply on a case by case basis to have their qualification revalidated to cover the 2020 season.

See Training Notice 21 - 2

Emergency Care certification requirements

Due to the restricted availability of emergency care training courses the requirement to hold an emergency care certificate for certification of Irish Sailing Instructors will continue to be suspended for newly qualifying instructors. Instructors qualifying under these conditions will have a time limited validity applied to their certification and an emergency care certificate will be required to extend this validity.

Currently qualified instructors with emergency care certificates which lapse this year will be permitted to continue instructing until they are in a position to revalidate their qualification.

With these arrangements in place it is important to emphasise that there must be someone with a valid emergency care certificate onsite, identified and available at all times when activities are taking place.

See Training Notice 21 - 1

Safeguarding Courses

Irish Sailing in conjunction with Sport Ireland have developed and launched a new facilitated online Safeguarding course which fully meets the requirements for Irish Sailing instructor certification.

These courses are now available to book in the Irish Sailing online shop.

If you have any queries in relation to any of the above or any other matter please do not hesitate to contact or



Senior Instructor Briefings

The annual Senior Instructor briefings will take place on May 19th and 20th on Zoom. The briefings will again focus on managing courses with the current COVID restrictions. The Senior Instructor briefings will be a requirement for any Senior Instructors applying for temporary re-validation or returning with a lapsed qualification.

Training Centre Inspections

The normal programme of Training Centre inspections will resume for the 2021 season. Inspections will again focus on the on the water training delivery element as well as sharing suggestions and feedback to assist in managing courses in a safe and fun way in the current environment. Training Centres are still required to complete the Safety Declaration covering all the normal operating procedures and insurance requirements.

Guidance Document

Irish Sailing has produced a guidance document outlining the arrangements which can be put in place to manage the impact of the current restrictions on training courses. It outlines the kind of adjustments to procedures which may need to be put in place to manage these arrangements while ensuring the safety of operations along with the quality of training

Sail and motor cruising courses;

The following variations to the standard Irish Sailings requirements will be permitted during the 2021 season to allow cruising schools to restart the season as soon as the situation permits.

Centres delivering courses under the cruising scheme up to Day Skipper practical (Sail or Motor), may day-sail from their home port and relax the requirement to live aboard. Exam preparation courses, where possible, may be delivered without living on board.

Training Centres may, if they are satisfied that the syllabi can be sufficiently covered, combine courses at different levels to make a viable course. In doing so the specific requirements of the individual students on board must be taken into account. In some cases it may also be prudent to reduce student numbers to provide sufficient instructional time and/or space onboard.

Federation of Irish Sport Information and Resources COVID-19

26 March 2020

The Federation of Irish Sport share valuable information and resources to help you.

Dept of Business, Enterprise and Innovation

  • The government has announced a National COVID-19 Income Support Scheme. This will provide financial support to Irish workers and businesses affected by the crisis.
  • If you have concerns about your ability to pay your tax liabilities speak to the Revenue Commissioners, who have advised: "On an on-going basis, Revenue engages with viable businesses experiencing temporary cash flow or trading difficulties that affect the timely payment of tax. Revenue works very successfully with businesses that engage early to resolve their tax payment difficulties. Revenue will engage with any viable business thatexperiences temporary cashflow difficulties, including difficulties arising from exceptional circumstances such as the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.”

Dept of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

  • A number of income supports are available from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection for your employees during a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) related absence or temporary lay-off from work:
    - Employees and the self-employed who have lost employment due to a downturn in economic activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
    - Workers who are not diagnosed with COVID-19 but who self-isolate
    - Workers whose employers do not supplement/top-up the State Illness Benefit payment (COVID-19)
    - Workers who are requested to stay at home by their employer (COVID-19)
    - Workers who are laid off temporarily or put on to short time working (COVID-19)]
    - Workers who need to take time off work to care for a person affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dept of Finance

  • Extensive supports for SME customers – banks are working to ensure a wide range of credit, cash flow and supply chain supports are offered to businesses who are trying to manage the pressures arising from COVID-19. A deferral of up to 3-months on loan repayments will be of assistance to many businesses
  • If you need to place your employees on a shorter working week or have had to cut their hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your employees can apply for Short Time Work Support.

Department of Health

Department of Tourism Transport and Sport

  • WHO has declared CoVid-19 as a pandemic and all sport has been suspended.
  • Government enforces restrictions on groups of 4 people

Department of Rural and Community Development plan can be found here:

Sports Capital Funding

  • As resources are diverted in response to the challenge posed to the nation by COVID-19 the level of service provided may be affected.

FAQ’s for Employers and Employees in relation to Home-Working on a temporary basis (COVID-19)

As members of the Alliance for Insurance we recommend you follow their work in relation to insurance matters impacted by COVID-19. You will find updates on their work at or on twitter @InsuranceRefIre


Key Updates
Here are some important additions, resources and updates for you: –  The Government has announced a National Covid-19 Income Support Scheme to provide financial support to Irish workers and companies and effected by the crisis. Other measures relevant to all citizens (including sporting events) are announced there. – More than 60,000 applications were made to the HSE’s recruitment drive for staff to join the fight against Covid-19. This may be a useful message to spread to the sporting community to encourage the passing on of that information to medical practitioners within its ranks. – The Department of Health information in relation to Covid-19 can be accessed through their website. – Information on measures including Microfinance Ireland Covid-19 Loan could be relevant to NGBs and clubs. – Up to date international Covid-19 information can be sourced from the World Health Organisation website. – The news section has links to the HSE guidelines and information on social distancing.


Social distancing graphics for premises floors can be found here: