Return to Sailing FAQs

Updated 4 May 2021

Return to Sailing Covid 19 Guidlines


The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been put together to assist clubs, centres, classes and individuals in support of the Return to Sailing Scheme , and the most recent Government Roadmap for Reopening Ireland. Irish Sailing will continue to review the Government guidance as more detail becomes available.  

These are questions that have come from Irish Sailing clubs, centres, classes and members. The answers below are a guidance on how we may return to our sports. By working together and using the Return to Sailing Scheme principles sensibly and responsibly, we can make sure that our return to the water is safe for all.

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This is a Live Page that will be updated regularly.

FAQs @ 4 May 2021 below ...

...Please refer to updated plan here Irish Sailing Plan for Living with COVID-19 4 May 2021 for full information